How to Lose Belly FAT (5 Easy Steps)

- September 12, 2016



How to Lose Belly Fat:

In this video, Ben will show you exactly how to lose stubborn belly fat FAST!*

And more importantly, how to keep it off for good! All in 5 steps…

In summary, the 5 steps are:

1) Burn More Calories Than You Consume
2) Eat the Right Foods – (at the Right Times)
3) Train Intensely
4) Always Stay Hydrated
5) Recover More, Stress Less…

If you follow those 5 steps, you WILL lose fat – FAST!*

If you’d like more information about the things Ben discussed in this video, be sure to read his full blog post here:

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*Disclaimer: Just because you follow the advice in this video, that does not mean you will be successful at losing fat, or that it will be

Comments (1507)

  • I'm gonna try this. I'l update this post every 2 weeks. I will comment about how much weight i lost and how much i can lift.

    Week 0:
    lift weight-55kg (from chest)

    i have been at this weight for about 2 years need to get it down( im 17 years old)

    Noisestorm12 - 3 days ago

  • 2-4 gallons???? Dude really.

    Albert Arries - 3 days ago

  • But why you try to lose it?
    I adore my belly fat and won't let anyone take it away! :D

    p.s.: I mean that I'm a simple man, if I see my belly fat I do nothing )

    Denis Khakimov - 4 days ago

  • Do more videos

    Roswell Tiueco - 2 weeks ago

  • Im gonna try it and check up with all of you guys in a month.....maybe....

    TSGaming TV - 3 weeks ago

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