How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs

- September 12, 2016



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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to start your six pack! This total ab workout will help you burn calories and flatten your stomach for the summer! Follow along and let us know what you thought.

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Comments (4807)

  • Workss

    Ava and Billy's awesomeness Best channel ever - 1 days ago

  • My good friend we’re talking among each other about their diet program and how much weight they had lost. Currently, I`ve dropped 16 and a half lbs. Google “sowo amazing plan”. This specific really was a life changer for me and I feel so much healthier.

    Mary Martin - 1 days ago

  • Rebbecca just found you and loving your 8 plank exercise segment and this 5 minute one! 58 years old and fit but that stomach is so hard to trim! Feeling hopefull!

    Karen Thor - 1 days ago

  • loved it 😉

    Ehsan Basha - 1 days ago

  • fyi you need to be in shape in the first place to do these. this builds muscle. if you have a lot of fat in your stomach this will just build muscle underneath the fat and make it seem bigger. you'll want to try cardio or "fiit" training

    KJonesy - 2 days ago

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