How to Lose Belly Fat Overnight While Sleeping | Best Way to Burn Fat While Asleep Fast

- September 12, 2016




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  • I burn fat, doing Keto with intermittent fasting.. I burn plenty of fat when I sleep.

    Wildman Samurai - 0 days ago

  • You wanna lose 23lbs in 21 days email and put info

    Vernon Allen - 5 days ago

  • Great channel bro great advice

    Young Kwak - 5 days ago

  • Dude you're usually spot one with everything you say. But on this video I can't agree with you on the 'no carbs before bed' that's a myth amongst laymen. Total calories and carbs are going to determine body composition the timing doesn't matter. In fact having carbs at night can help your muscle to recover better, and higher glycemic carbs help the production of trytophan that aids in restful sleep, On the other Protein-rich foods are harder to digest and contain the amino acid tyrosine, which promotes brain activity.

    I know this because I have chronic sleep problems and I've tried all sorts to get regular good nights sleep.

    KaanFitness - 1 week ago

  • thanks!! does it matter if you go to bed after 12am?

    Susana Alshabander - 1 week ago

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