What Foods To Eat To Lose Belly Fat? (The Truth)

- September 12, 2016



In this video you’ll learn the truth about what foods to eat to lose belly fat as I show you exactly what I eat as a part of a healthy diet.

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Losing belly fat and stomach fat is the most common question I got asked ever since I started this channel.

And most guys are wondering which foods help with reducing belly fat and what does a healthy diet look like.

So in this video I decided to bring all the foods out of the fridge and show you exactly what I eat.

Key points:

Before I list all the specific foods it’s important to debunk 2 BIG myths when it comes to burning belly fat.

Myth #1 – Spot reducing fat. – This is a myth most people still believe. Truth is that we can’t specifically target some area on our body and just burn fat from that area. There’s no magical food or supplement that can spot reduce your belly fat. The only thing we can do is systematically reduce the total body fat level of the entire body and eventually the belly fat will go away as well.

The reduction of body fat requires a negative energy balance, essentially there’s less energy coming in through food than the body needs to maintain all the activities. And in this situation the body is forced to burn body fat as fuel. For most men the belly fat area will be the last one to go away, the process usually involves getting leaner in the arms, shoulders, calves, face, neck, chest before tapping into the stomach fat.

So keep this in mind, it’s not possible to spot reduce belly fat.

Myth #2 – If you eat

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  • What foods to eat to get rid of belly fat? What does a healthy fat loss diet look like? I've been getting this exact question almost every single day ever since I started making videos and it's time for an in-depth answer. In this step-by-step video you'll learn the truth about what foods to eat to lose fat. And I'll show you exactly which foods I eat to get high quality protein, carbs and fats in my diet. Enjoy the vid, it's a big longer than usual because I wanted to go in-depth to show you everything. And don't forget to post your questions in the comments below! Talk soon! -Mario

    Mario Tomic - 15 months ago

  • Great video, @Mario Tomic! Didn't think I was gonna land on a random page about nutrition first thing in the morning, but hey -- that's how the YouTube rabbit hole works sometimes :) Excellent info, no bull, and good, clear presentation. Nicely done -- you just got a new Like and a new Sub! (Very much appreciated the lengthy notes at the end too.)

    momotaro - 2 days ago

  • Can I use a vegetable crusher... it squishes the guise uit of the vegies... but also lets through some fibres. I drink a glass full each day.

    C4 Mechanic - 1 week ago

  • Hi Mario, thank you for you Chanel and shared videos ! here is a question , I found your carb cycling sample for men on ShockingFit.com
    Would be nice if you can share CCC calculations and the Diet plan for women, please .

    Elena Efimova - 2 weeks ago

  • oh men you so wrong by eating egg and dairy oh dear go vegan to start with

    axisbabi - 3 weeks ago

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